About Us

About Us

GlassDais is creative, lightweight and feature rich.

Your conference at your finger tips

GlassDais is a comprehensive in-person conferencing platform. It provides conference organizers an easy and effective to setup and publish conference details to a pre-existing user base.

GlassDais is a feature rich and convenient way to setup and maintain conference information.

Organizers can use GlassDais Mobile application to make changes in schedule, conference information, running quiz & contests and other features like in-session poll, feedback and surveys. GlassDais not only provides feedback analysis for sessions and conference feedback poll but also provide contest winner information.

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Introducing GlassDais

Watch video. It takes just a minute only.

Conference setup

Setup the conference by providing conference details, speakers, sessions, schedule and other information.

My Sessions

Allow the participants to add sessions to your favorite list so that you never miss any.

Social Networking

Send messages to your fellow executives and speakers.

Push Notification

Connect with the audience, send notification and stay connected with push notifications.

Quiz & Contests

Setup Quiz and Contest and broadcast to audience for their participation.

Session and Conference Feedback

Setup and customize feedback parameters for conference and session.

In-Session polls and surveys

Setup in-session polls and conference surveys. Broadcast these for active participation from conference executives.

Survey Result Analysis

Analyze poll, survey and contest result on the fly.

How it Works

GlassDais is available on Google Play Store as well as App Store. It’s really easy to start using GlassDais.


Download and install the apps from Apple Appstore or Google playstore according to your device .


Provide information like name, email phone numbers etc. to create account.

Manage Conference

You can start publishing your conference by providing conference information and schedule. One GlassDais approves your conference information you can publish it.


GlassDais is very easy to use contact GlassDais in-App contact section for more help.

Pricing Plan

Please send an email info@glassdais.com, or fill Contact US our executive will get back to you shortly.

Some FAQ

Download application from Play store or App store and install on your device. The application is free to download and install.

You can setup your conference from 'My events' section and add new event. you can publish your conference once it is approved from GlassDais admin.

Please contact GlassDais support providing you device and operating system details..

You can also send an email at info@glassdais.com

Can't find suitable answer?

Please fill Contact form or an email at info@glassdais.com

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GlassDais is completely creative, easy to use & full of features.

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